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        Effective use of kitchen space

        To let a little kitchen "all-sided" is a science.

        Experts say, the key is to put the little space of each three-dimensional surface with it. Space is relatively open on metope. Install condole ark in the wall, it's a good way to save space. Condole top can be placed some not commonly used kitchen utensils and tableware, cooking can be placed lower often used kitchen utensils and appliances, condole ark cupboard door glass material is better, can produce the transparent feeling on the vision.

        Can also be placed above the diaphragm, in metope place commonly used tableware. Partition according to the size of your kitchen metope to tailor. In general, the length of the baffle plate is shorter than the length of the operating area, in order to conveniently take take items when cooking. But it is worth noting that the integral ambry besides the appearance requirement, also to check on strictly in terms of storage. The kitchen has a neat and clean face, the space also can immediately big rise.

        So L ambry, u-shaped cabinets, island cabinets these complicated design ambry can affect visual effect, cause depressive feeling. Should choose a glyph ambry, modelling concise and easy cleaning area, cooking area, storage area at the same level, easy operation as well as to set aside enough space rotation.

        In addition, for the small family kitchen, each a crack is all very precious, so be sure to put the space in the kitchen used to the extreme. And triangle ark or corner is your right-hand man, not only fully mobilize every inch of space, reasonable use of corner, but also make the kitchen look from the vision more complete.